Please make sure to use an email you check regularly on your membership application, remember this email will also be seen and used to contact you by the public.

If you do not have a business website to link, you can use your Facebook page. For an additional fee your personal chamber webpage can be designed and used as your

business webpage. For further information and pricing contact us at

If you have a logo or a photo you would like us to use for the header on your business

page, please include a copy along with your application or you can just email a jpeg or png image to us at:

We will design a logo for your business/organization upon request for an additional fee.

Our online application provides a place for you to upload a jpeg or png image file.

You’re allowed 3 advertisements on your personal chamber webpage. Depending on your business type these ads can be events, monthly sales, specific items etc.

Image or word based tag links are allowed, but are limited to 8 in total. 

For an additional fee more tag links can be added if needed.

Once your webpage is complete we will only make changes when you contact us.

You are allowed a total of 2 changes per month to add a new item.

You can request the removal of an ad at any time.

It’s not the responsibility of the Chamber to monitor ads for expiration dates. It’s your responsibility as the business owner to inform the Chamber with any removals or changes that need to be made unless other arrangements have been made.

Please monitor your web page regularly.

If your business or organization is offering discounted services or sale items by coupon

and you wish to add a printable coupon to your web page,

please contact us for additional information and pricing.

The Forestport Chamber of Commerce, Inc. will not accept any legal responsibility for the attempted sale of stolen property by any member or any financial responsibility for advertisement claims on services, sales or sale items listed by our members that

are false or have expired and no written request was received by either

USPS or EMAIL to correct/remove them.

Membership Application Instructions