North Country Weather

A friendly reminder for those who are out on trails to not rely on technology in the woods. Please be prepared to survive 24 hours in the woods! Each person on your trip should bring at least 32 ounces of water,  an emergency whistle, a small pocket knife, a small flashlight, a paracord bracelet, a small first aid kit, dry matches or a lighter, a space blanket, a compass and a paper map!



Hiking trails are all in fair to good condition!

​Remember, It's Hunting Season -- Wear Bright Colors!

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 Welcome  to the Chambers  North Country Weather and Trail Condition page! 

Everyone is always wondering what the current weather & trail conditions are 

before they head out for a fun-filled day of adventure in the Adirondacks.

Thanks to the many  independent weather stations located in the Adirondacks

We can now share up to the minute weather conditions in many different locations!