We are a small company with 40+ years experience in selective

timber harvesting and wood lot improvement. 


Our goal is to maximize profits for the landowner, while being

low impact and environmentally friendly.


We harvest all species of timber, both hard wood and soft wood.


We offer wood lot improvement cuts, culling out dead and

undesirable species from your wood lot to improve the

value of your land, as well as land clearing.


We don't use huge machinery that scars the land.  We selectively hand cut and cable skid the trees for lower impact on the environment.

We also offer firewood sales, both seasoned and green. 

Our firewood comes in log length, blocked, or split for home heating.

We also offer outdoor firewood for camp fires and such. 

Call ahead for pricing.

If you have any questions, please contact us and we will do a free evaluation of  your woodlot.

We have a small sawmill at our site which allows us to do custom sawmilling work and special order projects. 

We can cut your timber and turn it into usable lumber for you.

We also offer Senior Citizens & Military discounts on firewood sales!

 If you mention you saw this here on our chamber webpage,

you will be eligible for further discounts.

Give us a call for current firewood or milling prices!


EMAIL: jcharbx2@yahoo.com